Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Double Ear Infection

Hello all. I am going to try to make this the last time I apologize for not blogging as often as I'd like. My new motto is God, blog, and jog. Those are really the three new things that I am trying to cultivate consistently in my life. I am committing to all of you now to blog every Tuesday night, regardless of the post size. I have a feeling this will lead to several posts a week, as I jump on and give everyone snapshots of the Smiths.
This past week has been a week of sickness for the Smith household. We went out of town last weekend (September 23-24)to visit some friends in Payson who were having a baby shower. The evening of our return home K-Bug, who had been fine the entire weekend, starting running a fever. Lore-lin had been running a fever the week before with a small cold virus, so I thought we were probably in for a repeat performance. Sure enough, a few days of moderate fever and I ended up cancelling K-Bug's pediatrician appointment due to the fact that she had been without fever for 24 hours. A day goes by, when all of a sudden, K-Bug wakes up from her nap with dried blood all around the outside of her ear. Needless to say, I felt a little freaked, but after some examination decided she probably had scratched herself with her very long fingernails. I cleaned off the outside of the ear and went on my way. The next morning, however, she woke up with more dried blood and white goo crusted on her ear, a very cranky disposition, and an unmistakable smell (think spoiled meat) coming from the vicinty of the ear itself. Now, I was very freaked out, but found out a few short keystrokes later (all of you who are new parents - www.askdrsears.com - best website ever!) that K-Bugs eardrum had ruptured and she most definitely had some sort of infection in there. A rushed trip on a Friday afternoon for a last-minute pediatrician appointment, and we discovered her double ear infection. Althought she had stopped running a fever, the infection in her ears had apparently continued to the point of rupturing, at least in her right ear (the left ear was "bulgy" in the pediatrician's words, but has remained intact). K-Bug was immediately started on antibiotics, both with medicine and drops in her ear (the antibitocs had me worried as well, but that is another long story for a different time). K-Bug's ear has continued to drain (ewwww, huh?), but she is 150% better then the super cranky toddler she was. I, of course, had all sorts of Mom guilt for not catching it sooner, but certainly had thought that whatever sickness she had was resolved when the fever dissapeared. After several days of sleepless nights and a moody two year-old I am just exceedingly thankful to have K-Bug on the road to recovery.

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