Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Caught Between A Rock And A Crib Rail

So, this is another escapade from the week that was so crazy. Last Sunday (September 24) as we had returned from Payson, K-Bug had a fever, and my sweet hubby had set off (with my blessing) to go and watch a UFC sporting event at the home of a good friend. I bathed, jammied, and put the girls down to bed. I went in later to check on Miss K-Bug and her fever and found her awake (but not overly grumpy) in her crib. I decided to sit beside her crib and read some books with her in the glow of the nightlight. Now, here's the part where I made a big mistake. I stuck my arm through her crib slats (something I do regularly in Lore-lin's crib) so that I could have a hand in reading books, turning pages, etc. When I was all done, I went to pull out my arm and stand up only to realize that my arm was stuck fast in-between the two crib slats. And by stuck I mean *stuck*. I was quite sure that I would be there for hours until my husband came home to cut me out. K-Bug thought this was all a game, and kept saying, in between giggles "Oh no! Mommy stuck!" Finally, with no small amount of force I yanked my arm out. I carried the quarter-size bruises on either side of my arms for the better part of this week as evidence of my struggle. It came to me, though, that there are many times that I feel "stuck" in between situations in my life - currently, I am struggling with wanting to be a stay-at-home Mommy and the need to stay-on at the church as their Administrative Assistant (my help there is needed as our church is going through a rough time with staff right now). I praise the Lord that when I am stuck between a rock and a hard place, the Bible says that He is my rock on which I can stand. Amen and Amen!

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littljen said...

Ouchie Stacy!

Did you know that Brian and I got our heads stuck between the slats (or whatever you call them)on Grandma Betty's staircase when we were younger?