Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Retreat! (Part One)

October has officially been the "Month of The Retreat" for my dear hubby and I. He left the first weekend in October to go for his third annual just him-and-God retreat. That's right - he packs his Bible, a journal, and a pillow and spends an entire weekend with no-one else but the Lord. I personally marvel at this, as my limit for being by myself without needing another human being beside me is very short-lived. My introverted husband, however, revels in this time to refresh his spirit by just being by himself and listening to the Lord. We've found a wonderful Christian retreat center that offers great accomodations for personal retreats right outside of Sedona. Dear hubby came back from his time completely renewed, and I only slightly dragging from my 'flying semi-solo with the girls. (I tried to blog about my own adventures that weekend, but I hit the wrong button and it slipped into oblivion. I haven't gotten around to re-writing it yet).
The next weekend, it was Mommy's turn. I packed up for our church's first-ever women's retreat, held a short drive away in Prescott. It was, in a word, mind-blowingly awesome (ok, so that's three words.. :) The best part - hard to pick just one. I loved the drive up (besides the hurtling speed of our driver, who apparently feels that the speed limit is a just a suggestion, and that slamming on the brakes 'for fun' is an enjoyable pasttime. Ha! I love you anway, friend!). I loved the full-sentence conversations with my other Mommy friends, who usually have toddlers wrapped around their legs, as do I. I loved the deep conversations that just seemed to happen (I know God brought them about) at the dinner table - with people sharing from their hearts their own struggles and prayer requests. I loved the spontaneous fun that erupted from the crazy gaggle of ladies in our cabin (let me just say, I love the McMillen clan, and Lisa's crazy sister Joy. You guys make life fun!). I loved staying up so late I could barely keep my eyes open in the morning (two in the morning, and three in the morning were my respective bedtimes). I loved the climing wall and zip-line - the challenge, the adrenline rush, and encouraging other ladies to overcome their fear and conquer the wall when they though they couldn't. I loved the speaker - she was wise, she was kind, and she was involved in our lives that weekend. She loved us, pushed us, and challenged us to take the next step in our journey with Christ. Most of all, I loved the ministry that took place - ladies praying for each other, ladies sharing their hurts, their joys, and their lives with each other. I came back strengthened in my relationship with Christ and with other women.
One weekend at home, and I am "off" to do retreat number two. That's right - two women's retreats all in a three weeks span. I think it's a little crazy too, but my dear hubby gave me persmission months ago and said that he and the girls would be "great" so I'm taking him at his word.
I am looking foward to this retreat just as much, if not more, than the first (and forced to choose one retreat, I would have chosen this one). See, this weekend is sacred to me because I get to spend it with very best girl-friend, "T" (her nickname that I've used with her for years). We have been to a women's retreat for a church that neither one of us attend anymore for the past two years - it was the church where we met as a high school junior/senior and became the best of friends. Awww...isn't that sweet? We have committed to going on a retreat with each other once a year from now until we are old and gray and can't get the Senior Bus to take us anymore. HA! I think every women should have someone who is just like a sister to her, and I am so blessed to have that with T. We love the retreat - we get to see a few "old" friends, but we mostly get to hang out with God and each other. As we both have extremely busy lives and very young children, our times together have been few and far-between as of late. Although I haven't really had a chance to stop and think about it, my heart is very ready for this weekend.
Well, I am going to finish up this rather large post, and start my housecleaning, packing, etc. However, my suitcase never got fully unpacked from the first retreat, so that means less packing for the second, right? :)

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theresa said...

I'm green with envy! I hope you have a blessed trip.

I guess this is why I haven't heard from you in a while. Relax, enjoy and we'll see you when you get back!