Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Big Girl Bed

Well, I've delayed the inevitable, but it's finally happened - my K-Bug is taking a big step in growing up. The other morning I stepped out of the shower with both girls still in I thought. I had heard them both in the baby monitors playing away in their beds (the usually read books in their cribs until we come in to get them) as I stepped into the bathroom. As I got out and wrapped a robe around me, I stepped down to K-Bug's room first to get her up. Only...she wasn't there. I panicked at first, and calling out her name, a little cheerful face popped around the corner. "Oh, there you are!" she said. I did manage to find out how she made her escape, but the inevitable had come - time for the "big girl" bed. I made the trip to get the Toddler Bed today- the box awaits in our living room. I guess that's Mommy & Daddy's project tonight. I have grown so used to her crib, I hardly know how I feel about her sleeping in a bed she can get in and out of on her own accord. I have avoided getting one until now, because I know the next step is teaching her to stay in bed, whereas before it wasn't an option. We'll see what kind of adventure this is....


theresa said...

Oh, the big girl bed. Such a bitter sweet move. We moved Victoria when she was 18 mos. because she trying to climb out. But, surprisingly she did well. The only tough part (for a short while) was keeping her in there during nap.

Good Luck, and give us a call if you want to get together soon. My MIL left on Sunday so as of right now I don't have any company in town.

Have a super week!

littljen said...

I remember the time well when Alexander was ready for the bottom bunk.

Brian was living with us at the time.

Alexander kept getting out of bed to come see what we were doing(it was bedtime). We had read somewhere not to react angrily, but to tell him calmly that he needed to stay in bed.

Each time he got up and came into the living room we told him the same thing in the same tone of voice...same words. And then walked him back to bed.

It seemed to work. *shrug* *grin*

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