Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thoughts On September 11

Sorry - I am really still just trying to figure out this blogging things work. I just wanted to write a few thoughts about what was now a little over a week ago the fifth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. It was very interesting to me to watch how different people chose to deal with this day and event. I had one friend who mentioned she had chosen not to see or hear much about it, and that this had been a "relief" to her.
For myself, I chose a much different avenue. CNN was doing a media feed on their website that day of their actual coverage on the morning of September 11. My husband and I chose to watch it, and it was like reliving that morning all over again. We remembered vividly the feelings we had felt that morning, and I was surprised to find that my fear and anger were still there. I also had the opportunity to listen to a very riveting interview on the radio of an author who had written a book called 102 Minutes. In it, the author recounts the stories of the people that were in the World Trade Center towers that day - some who made it, and some who did not. He told many stories of common office workers who become heroes that day and lost their lives as they saved many othrs. It was very hard to listen to....but it helps me not to forget. Although I think immersing yourself in the tragedy of 9/11 on constant basis would be unhealthy, I think a brief plunge into the depths of human emotion and the despair of that day keeps our focus as a nation strong and sure. I know it does mine.


theresa said...

Interesting isn't it how everyone had there own way of remembering that day. I did a little of both. Watched some and turned off some...you can read my scary here: http://bullfrogsnbutterflies.blogspot.com/2006/09/my-9-11-story_11.htmlstory

John to my surprise wrote his experience that day too and I posted it my blog right below mine. We wanted to record what we were doing for our girls when they get older and start asking questions about that day.

theresa said...

Sorry that was suppose to read "scary story" and here is the address again it looks like it got cut off


Susan said...

Anyone who is offended by the observance or not interested in the lessons of Sept. 11 is doomed to repeat them. If we act as if it is just another day, all those lives lost and those that bear permanent scars whether physical, spiritual, or emotional, must not matter. To me the date, the event, and the lost lives are supremely important. And to Him, they mean everything! Never forget.