Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Olmypic Dream

I LOVE the Olmypics! I meant to do a big ol’ post about why I love the Olympics, how I’ve always loved the Olympics, and how inspiring the games and the atheletes always are to me BEFORE the games started, BUT alas I did not, and the here the games are, in full swing.

We watched the Opening Ceremony, something I wasn’t sure I wanted to do, due to the fact that I have issues with the IOC’s decision to let China host. Still, my hubby and K-Bug both wanted to see, so we popped popcorn and watched the first hour as a family. For anyone who saw the Opening Ceremony, you have to admit that it was VERY impressive! It was artistically beautiful, and extremely unique in its presentation.

And, just like my Sisterchick Jen, I have stayed up late each night rooting for the USA.

U-S-A! U-S-A!

I love watching Michael Phelps, and I really appreciate that he’s just a real person (with some extraordinary talent) with a BIG dream. And the 4x100 relay that Michael was a part of had me screaming at the TV for the Americans to beat the French.

And then we did!!! (by a mere fraction of a second) It was AWESOME!!

My hubby and I both stayed up late last night (really Jen, you should call me and we can compare notes over the phone) to watch the American Men Gymnastics team compete for a medal in the Team Finals. I really think they had a shot at silver, but they had two team members who almost killed their chances completely with some really horrible pommel horse routines (not that I could even sit on a pommel horse without losing my balance...) I was bummed out for them before the last guy came in and did an INCREDIBLE routine, which secured the team with a bronze medal.

Since they weren’t favored to win a medal at all, it was really great to watch them celebrate!

Although those have been some of the highlights for me, I have pretty much loved every second of every sport I’ve watched (I’m a bit of a sports fan anyway).

I think every person on the planet can relate with having a dream. Watching these people who have sacrificed so much, and are giving their all - not only for themselves, but their country - is deeply inspiring.

And then watching a dream come true for those individuals.

That…is incredible.

And I love that it’s people of ALL ages. There is a gymnast on the Women’s German team who is thirty-three! That’s right! Thirty-three! Thirty-three isn’t old, but for gymnastics it’s almost unheard of.Dara Torres, on the Women’s Swim Team, is forty-one.

And, probably my favorite, is Laura Wilkenson, on the Women’s Diving Team. I watched her win a gold in the 2000 games, and I’ve never forgotten how exciting that was. She has the sweetest smile, and the greatest attitude. Here she is, thirty years old, at her third Olympics, diving with woman who are half her age.

And she’s smiling and loving every minute of it.

All I’ve got to say is – YOU GO GIRL!!!

The Olmypics always make me ask myself what my dreams are.

What are yours?

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Jen said...

Hello, friend!! I've missed you!! It was fun reading this post and seeing that you are just as excited about the Games. It continues to amaze me that you and I are so similar!!!

I hope to see you soon. You always make me smile!! :0)