Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ding Dong! The Microwave is Dead..

I read my friend Brandie's blog today and as she was talking about the death of her beloved crockpot, it reminded me of our own appliance issues....

The last few weeks, our microwave has had some "scary" moments of trying to fry itself and the contents inside with some supercharged surges of power.

In a moment where I thought the microwave was SURELY going to go up in smoke, we decided it was time to throw the eight year old microwave out.

We surprised ourselves by deciding NOT to get a new one just yet. One of our goals for 2008 has been to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n, and we thought that, besides possibly being healthier, that not having a microwave might force us to think of alternative and somewhat slower methods of meal preparation.

It's only been a couple of days, but I truly am surprised that we have adapted and overcome in most areas of cooking.

Just because the microwave is gone though, doesn't mean that I don't still enjoy modern convenience. I might need to invest in a bottle warmer now that I am having to heat up most of J-Boy's water for bottles on the stove. I think the bottle warmer would be easier and use less energy.

Also, we'd like to have a new toaster oven, as our old one is definitely on it's last leg, and having the smaller oven would, again, use less energy.

Right now, I'm enjoying the counter space and the slower pace with which I find myself moving around the kitchen.

Who knows...maybe the microwave is gone for good???

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Crock Pot Mom said...

I have enjoyed catching up - sounds like God is really working in your lives - how special your trip must have been!! Awesome and Amazing (as is HE). :-)

I don't use the microwave much at all, I have feared the fumes/quick cooking, etc. with my zany desire for healthy "stuff" - I have found that I don't often think about it (though many others in this house do). I pray your time without continues to grow on you.

My kids all ended up liking cooler bottles, believe it or not. You may find that J-boy ends up not needing a bottle warmer if you slowly cool it down as you give it to him. Of course, you may prefer to give him wam drink for the nurture aspect; I wasn't necessariy good with that with food. :-)

Blessings on your journey. May God point the way clearly (as He seems to be doing). How cool! I look forward to hearing more.