Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday Tales (a.k.a. Monday Moments on Tuesday)

So I thought of this story the other night because my husband got pulled over the other night for a crack in his windshield. As it so happens, he ALSO forgot his wallet, so he was driving without his license too (although he didn’t realize it until he went to try to find it to give to the officer). The officer, however, was amazingly graceful and kind, and only gave my hubby a warning and work order to get the windshield fixed. Whew!

We were thanking the Lord for His grace in this situation. It made me think of another time I received grace instead of a ticket…

“That Poor Lady”

In the days before our 2+ kids and minivan, my dear hubby and I carted our one Miss K-Bug around in what we affectionately call our “Grandma-mobile” – our 96 Oldsmobile Ciera. I will admit it’s nothing too pretty to look at, but it’s paid for and runs well. And at the time, it was the “family” car.

This story takes place when K-Bug was around 9-10 months old, and I was around eight months BIG with Lorelin.

Our nephews and niece (hubby’s sister’s kids) had spent the night at our house while their Mom and Dad went out on a super-late date, and the next morning, we all woke up early so I could drop the kids back off at Jen’s house on my way to a play-date.

Now, here’s the scene – Me in the drivers seat, Alison (our niece) in the front seat with me, and then our two nephews in the back on either side of K-Bug’s car seat. A totally full car. Thankfully, I like to be a legal-eagle, so everyone was safely and securely buckled.

However, that did not apparently stop me from speeding a few miles above the limit, or that motorcycle officer from pulling behind me with flashing red and blue lights.

As all of the little eyes in the car watched, I gently pulled over, got out my license and registration, and waited for what I was sure was going to be my very first ticket.

The officer came to my window, and as he peered inside, his eyes grew larger and larger. The site of this very large pregnant woman driving with four other children seemed to completely throw him off…

“In a hurry to get the kids to school, maam?” the officer asked me

“Yes-sir, I guess I was.” (our nephews/niece are home-schooled, but I didn’t tell the officer so)

“Well, just remember to please slow down with all of your children in the car. I’m just giving you a warning. Have a good morning.”

And with that, he smiled, waved, and was gone. I sat there for a minute while it sunk in that the officer thought that everyone in the car was MY child! Then, I started to laugh.

And, as the days went on, I laughed some more. I’m sure that the officer felt that the least he could do for this poor harried mother of four (soon to-be-five) was to let her off easy.

Thank you officer. I am now the sometimes harried mother of two (soon-to-be three) children. Your act of kindess and grace hasn’t been forgotten.

May your day be full of laughter (and no speeding tickets)!

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Brandie said...

You can get pulled over for having a crack in your windshield????
I didn't know that. I've been driving around with one for months. Well, I better get that fixed. Funny Story!!
Glad no tickets were invovled!
I have a few crazy ticket stories myself - none of which are recent thank goodness!