Friday, November 02, 2007

Chili Party - Part 2

Here are just a few more shots from the Chili Party. I hope that YOUR own October celebration was memorable, safe, and fun!

There is always a "craft" table where the kids can decorate their own trick or treat bags. The girls were actually SO busy playing that I had to pull them over one by one to sit down long enough to decorate their bags.

Lorelin wanted to use ALL of the stickers, but we had to limit it to just a few. She was especially excited about the "happy punkin" stickers! :)

After we have dined on chili, cheese dip, and cookies, our little band of families heads out to trick or treat up and down the street. Everyone on the block has big parties just like Christy's parents, and there are big groups of people sitting outside with tubs of candy. My Mom bought the girls some cute little buckets to use to gather candy in - K-Bug's was a lion and Lorelin's was a turtle.

Lorelin stopped long enough to take this shot with Daddy. My dear hubby was so wonderful. He juggled the girls, wands, flashlights, and treat bags while I waddled along beside them. :)
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Lindsay said...

What a perfect celebration! And such a special family tradition! Yeah for those! The girls looked so girly in their princess/fairy outfits! Gotta love it!

Tracy said...

such a cute little princess & fairy...I was really hoping that you would paint your belly like a pumpkin or something :(

Brandie said...

Now that I've seen Chili Party's official - I'm going to crash next years party!
How fun are those crafts. I would have enjoyed making a trick-or-treat bag too! This seems like such a great way to spend the evening. What FUN!