Friday, November 02, 2007

Chili Party - Part 1

This was our third year to attend the Chili Party that my friend Christy's parents always host at their house every October 31st. It's actually a block party - the police barricade off the block, and almost every house in the neighborhood participates. Most homes host individual parties similar to Christy's parents. Her parents live in a lovely neighborhood in central Phoenix, and they have a beautiful home and HUGE backyard packed with toys for the kids to play with. It's the same little group of families that come each year - it's so fun to see how our kids have all grown, and to watch them have such a good time!
Here are our two little princesses - all dressed up and ready to go. They were both SO excited to finally wear their costumes. Their wands were the light-up kind, and as the evening grew darker, there were flashes of green and red all over that backyard. :)

We've taken a group shot of the kids every year on this couch in the livng room. Of course, we can never get them to all look at the camera at the same time, but we get some fun shots. :)

As the evening draws to a close, we always change our girlies into their PJs before we head home. Here they are reading with "Grandma" (Christy's Grandma who lives with her parents) She was SO sweet to all of the children..even though she kept giving them candy even after we had brushed their teeth...:) She tends to be VERY forgetful..:)Our girls adore her though, and so do we!
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Tracy said...

looks like fun!! I think that is a great alternative and what a great tradition!

Brandie said...

We have Ella convinced that she HAS to brush all the sugar bugs off her teeth before she goes to bed. If we forget - she remembers...kind of nice huh?
Love the picture of the kids on that huge couch!

Nicole said...

Sounds like you guys had tons of fun, and of course your girlies were the cutest in the whole world! Just year you will have to find a little spiderman or superman costume! How exciting!