Wednesday, March 14, 2007


It seems that so much of what I write has to do with Miss K-Bug. Her budding preschooler antics leave me with endless stories to tell and write. Lore-lin plays a co-starring role in most stories, but tonight I'd like to give her the spotlight. Lore-lin is in every way different from K-Bug. While K-Bug tends to be more cautious, Lore-lin embraces life (literally) head-on. She is very independent and most of all, inquistive. She wants to touch, see, feel, and experience everything in a hands-on way. I have found her going through my make-up, with ALL of the jars opened, lids un-screwed, and contents dumped out. She has the ability to open and or take-apart virtually anything she can get her hands on. But, most of all, Lore-lin is a very physical littl girl. K-Bug will give the gentle hug every now and then. Lore-lin will knock the wind out of you while sqeezing you in a full-body embrace (I know, I know, just like her Mom...). Needless to say, lots of positive hugs and kisses go a loong way for this little girl's love language ( for more information, check out all of the Love Languages books by Gary Chapman). Lorelin's favorite thing to do right now is get "Squeezies". Getting squeezies involves hugging Lore-lin's full body into my own (or squished like peanut butter beteween my dear hubby and myself) - and then giving her several short, tight body squeezes while saying, "Squeezie, squeezie,squeezie," over and over again. Short, fun game, right? Except Lore-lin never tires of it. Every time I'm done, she looks at me with those sparkling, blue eyes, and says, "More?" Truth be told, I don't ever get tired of it either. I love to love on this tiny toddler (who won't stay that way) and I'll take ALL of the "squeezies" that I can get!

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