Sunday, March 04, 2007

High Tea

It was the sound of fine china, a string quartet playing softly in the background, and a little voice asking me... "More tea, Mommy?" K-bug got a real glass tea-set from my dear hubby's step-sister last Sunday, and was thrilled with the idea of using only the glass pieces (not her regular plastic dishes) for a "high tea". Sissy Lore-lin played with Daddy while Mommy set the stage. A quilt on the floor, some real milk, and animal cookies completed the ensemble. K-bug insisted on wearing a full "Princess dress" and I surprised her (and myself for still fitting in it....smirk...:) by changing into one of my old bridesmaids dresses (complete with matching heels) to wear to tea. Once K-bug found me a hat, and my dear hubby put on a classical CD, we were set. I used my best English accent to discuss everything from the weather, our clothes, and the tasty cookies set before us. K-bug kept giggling at my accent (can't blame her there), but took seriously her role of pouring tea, offering sugar, and stirring cream into my tea cup with her glass spoon. Lore-lin, of course, knew that something was going on with her sissy that wasn't involving her, and came out to investigate. Although K-bug was intially very upset with her sister's apperance, we transitioned into a Royal Parade, led by my dear hubby, the King himself. K-bug found "wands" for all of us, and off we went, marching in a line around the coffee table, into the kitchen, and back into the girl's room. I'm sure this will be the first of many "high teas" through the years - as this was the first, it was very precious to me.

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Andrea said...

I can totally envision this whole activity going on at your house! :) In my mind however, Brian is not only wearing a hat, but a dress as well! :) It's something I really think he would set aside his ego for and do for his little girls! :)