Monday, March 24, 2008

Family Update

So sorry I haven’t posted…life around here is busy, busy, busy… is an update on our cute family-o-five (note: this post is a little dated – I wrote it last week, but I decided to go ahead and print it anyway.. enjoy!)

J-Boy – He had his post-circumcision check-up today. Our pediatrician declared that he “looked good” (she was talking about her circumcision job) – so good in fact, that she joked that we ought to take a picture and frame it – she cracks me up! (Our pediatrician is originally from Nigeria, so if you can imagine her saying all of this with her big smile and thick accent, you can get an idea of why I thought it was so funny).
J-Boy will be three weeks tomorrow, and today at his appointment he weighed in at 9 lbs 8.oz. WOW! This big boy already has those adorable “rolls” on his thighs, and super chubby cheekers that I just want to kiss all the time (so I do!). His weight definitely tells the story that this boy likes to eat! As a matter of fact, being hungry is the only time that he ever really screams…the rest of the time he’s a pretty mellow-fellow. J-Boy is really giving us great nights right now – up only a few times to eat and then usually right back to sleep. He’s a true cuddler, and although getting used to a newborn again has been a BIG adjustment, we love every part of our precious boy. Here’s a picture of him with his big ol’ eyes open – taking in the world one day at a time.


Lorelin – She is almost fully potty-trained – hooray! I would have posted a lot more about this, except that she has really done it all herself (I’m sure that having her sissy to watch helped a lot). We weren’t going to try to potty train her for a while still, since we knew we had a newborn coming, but one day she decided she wanted to wear panties and go pee-pee in the potty, and that was pretty much that. She had a few poo-poo accidents right after J-Boy came home from the hospital, which perplexed us a little bit, until she made the comment while we were cleaning her up that “I’m being changed just like baby Joshua.” After that, her Daddy took her for some one-on-one special time to go and get ice cream at Leaps (a locally-owned custard shop), and reaffirmed that she was still our special girl – expect now she got to be a big sister too. (the picture below of Lorelin and Daddy right before their “date”) A few days later, Lorelin started showing a lot more interest in her baby brother, and now spends her days playing “This Little Piggy” with his toes, giving him cuddles and hugs, and asking for time to hold him on the couch.


K-Bug – K-Bug is constantly amazing me with her desire to learn (she wants to learn all of her sounds for her letters), and I delight in her very vivid imagination. She is content to spend her days creating and singing her own songs, or trying to engage her sister in playing “cow” or “horse” or “puppy” or a zoo of other animals. She loves to use hats, boots, jewelry, and dress-up clothes in all of her pretend play. Here is a picture of one of her very own hats that she created herself – it’s two buckets put together.


She took very quickly to her role as oldest sister to two younger siblings. She loves to sit beside J-boy and read him stories. She also loves to sing him songs, hold him in her lap, and give him lots of kisses on his “soft head”. She still leans toward the dramatic – she told me the other day after her “time-out” discipline that “My very happy heart has run away!” Don’t worry…she found it again a few minutes later!

Us – We are busy and tired, but doing well. I’ll post more about myself and my dear hubby in a later post. :
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Lindsay said...

Great post! Thanks for the update!!!!!!!! Oh I miss you guys! I ate up every detail and picture that you shared! Thank you!!!! I am hoping to see you tomorrow morning!!! Yea!!!!! :) Lots of love to you my dear friend!

proudgrits11 said...

So glad to hear all the latest--and see new pictures! Sounds like all is well over there--what a blessing!! Your family is so precious--blessings to you!!