Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary!


Yesterday marked eight wonderful years that I've been married to the love of my life. Although there have been anniversaries where I've been pregnant (and of course we've had children too) , this is a first for us with having a newborn. Needless to say, we didn't really get to go out and do anyhing just quite yet (we loved the pizza though - thanks Brand!) However, my dear hubby did surprise me about a week ago with these beautiful roses - "one for each beautiful baby you've given me" - he said. Of course I cried my little post-partum eyes out.

The night before our anniversary I was up after one of J-boy's feeds, and I wrote him this poem. For my dear hubby...I love you and happy anniversary!

Most days I am a MomGirl – a very busy Mommy of three
But tonight I am thinking back to a time when it was just you and just me…

Of a white wedding dress, and a perfect spring day,
And a man and a woman speaking vows
Of a man and a wife, starting a new life,
Christened by wedding night “wows”

Of an apartment so sweet, all 650 sqaure feet
Dinners shared by candlelight
Of working the day thru, and coming home with you
Of “cuddling” in bed together all night

How we’ve grown, how we’ve changed
Our lives rearranged – now we have three children all still quite small
Now it’s diapers and wipes, sibling rivalry and fights
But I still have the best life of all

A husband I adore, every day more and more
As we maneuver the rapids called life
Blessed by God above, I couldn’t be more in love
And happier to be called your wife

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Tracy said...

awww...this brought tears to my eyes! How sweet and the three roses were cool too!! Happy Anniversary you guys!

Lindsay said...

Stacy!!! Who knew you were so good at writing poems! I am amazed! Really! That was really good! Thanks for sharing it! You and Brian do share a very special God given love that shines through both of you! And God definitely has His hand in His creation of your beautiful... and now handsome... children!

Angela said...

It's so sweet how in love you both are with each other. Yellow roses are my all time favorite.

proudgrits11 said...

I got teary, too!! :) What a beautiful family you have---thanks for sharing! BTW, your boys are awfully cute--isn't that father-son bond sweet?? Love it!!