Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Latest Pregnancy Craving...

Is chocolate milk. I could drink it every day....ok,ok....I have drank it every day for the past week.
Here is my process for liquid goodness in a glass -

1. Fill a large glass almost completely to the top with ice.

2. Fill up the glass 3/4 of the way with regular (white) fat-free milk

3. Fill up the rest of the glass with a small amount of pure chocolately wonderment(I prefer the O Organic Chocolate Milk from Safeway)...:)

4. Stir it all together and DRINK IT DOWN TO THE VERY LAST DROP!!!!!



Brandie said...

Yum...can I come over and have a glass? :0) No, that probably woudn't be in my best interest - I don't need to add anything to my list (I'm having a hard enough time staying away from those Newman's Os - they are sooooooooo good).
Love ya chickie,

Lindsay said...

It sounds refreshingly cool as well as delicious! I will be over in just a minute!!! :)

Mom in Training said...

I'm DYING to know!!! I thought you foudn out the sex of the little Smithlet this week??? Maybe I got the date wrong, but I've been checking your blog to find out!!! Well........??!!!!?!?!?! :)