Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Moments....

Hello All! I hope that your weekend was wonderfully refreshing. Ours was B-U-S-Y! Today for Monday Moments, I thought I would just share some of the things that make my two and three year old so fun to live with! These are just some "cute" moments that I hope will make you smile! :)

Creative excuses that K-Bug has given me while trying to "stall" her bedtime:

1."Mom? My water (in her water cup) is too crunchy!" {Crunchy? I was perplexed by this one too, but that's what she said...:)

2. "Mom? My wrinkles hurt and I can't sleep."

3. A few times K-Bug has just strolled out of her room into the living room or bedroom, etc. just as if she's supposed to be awake and walking around to ask,
"Mom? Whatter you doin?"
{I answer her and tell her to go back to bed}
"Ok! Good Night!"

You Might Be A Two-Year Old Named Lorelin If You.....

1.Open and shut a door a dozen times just so you can say “Hello!” and “Goodbye!”
2.You fall off the big-girl swing twice in a row at the park and, after brushing yourself off, still declare, “No, I do it!”
3.Can go from throwing a fit to having a giggle fit in the space of two minutes
4.Spend an entire morning with Mommy’s socks on your legs, pulled up to your thighs, pretending that you are a cat (LOTS of meowing and purring sounds...)
5.Run into a room just to give a hug and kiss and then run back out
6. You stand in any doorway and push your finger on the wall while saying “Ding-dong!” over and over again.
7.You eat three bowls of Macaroni and Cheese and still ask for more!

Have a marvelous Monday friends!


Lindsay said...

Those are wonderful! They all brought a smile to my face and made me laugh! Priceless! Thanks so much for sharing! The girls and this little boy on the way are SO blessed to have you as their mom!!!!!

Tracy said...

hehe these are funny...and is it wrong to eat three bowls of mac & cheese?? If so I'm in trouble!!!

Andrea said...

Definitely had me smiling! What's sweethearts they are! :)

Mom in Training said...

I LOVE the Lorelin you might-be's!! Sounds like another little girl I know - crazy, silly, funny and nutty!! What a fun post to read! Don't be surprised if I copy that idea sometime!! Too cute!!

Nicole said...

I'm with Tracy, what's wrong with three bowls of mac n cheese!?!

You have such sweet girlies, I can't wait for Dane to be healthy enough that we all get to hang out...I miss visiting with them during bass practice!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy those moments even if they seem too out of this world at times or a bit scary at other times ... :>) ... they go by fast.

I like the Lauren cat-socks-idea... I might think about it for Halloween! (just to entertain myself)... my cats already think I am one of them already anyway... I might buy me some cat socks... wait... your mom .... my "mom" sent me some... well... I guess I am all set for Halloween!


Talk to you later sis...