Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pherengan To The Rezzzcue...

I haven't found my way over to my keyboard very much lately. I'm still spending most of my days feeling sick and "blobby".

Thank you to all of my dear bloggy friends who have given me such wonderful encouragement, support, and advice. I have been taking the anti-nausea medication Phrenegren (spelling?) for the past week or so, and while it does help to knock the edge off, it doesn't stop me from...ahem...tossing the cookies, so to speak.

It also makes me extremely sleepy (it's main side effect), making it difficult for me to operate heavy machinary or kitchen appliances...

OF which the warning label explicity warns against BOTH...HA!

Soo, in light of my family's vacation to San Diego next week, I called in the very selfish request for at least one week's worth of the little gold nuggets called Zofran. Will zofran make me zzzzz....?

It's not supposed to. It's supposed to be the expensive little miracle in a bottle. And me?

I just want to be able to not be sea-sick while my family is sea-side.

I will continue to keep everyone updated, and will cause further posts to turn away from my tummy and towards other blessings in my life!! :)


Lindsay said...

I hope that you are free of neusea and that you get to enjoy every minute of your vacation! We look forward to seeing at music class on Thursday!!!! I think Matt might even join in for the music fun as he will be off that day! :)
Take care, be safe, and may you be blessed by your family vacation!!!!
Love you friend!

Tracy said...

oooo I so hope so!!! I wish you safe travels and a relief from the sickness!! Loves Ya!

theresa said...

Oh yes, Phenegran does not work with little ones around you will definitely sleep your days away...unsafe for little ones to have mom "passed out" :-)

Here's a tip for the Zofran. It's mighty expensive and my insurance only covered 12 pills a month! So to get around it my doctor upped the prescription from 4 mg tablets to 8 mg. each. Then, when I got home I cut them in thirds. That's right a third of a pill will do the trick as much as a full tablet. I took a third of one once a day and they lasted me almost a month at a time. They are truly a miracle.

Hope this helps and enjoy your vacation sick free! :)

Crock Pot Mom said...

Oooohh, bless you sweet mom! It is so hard to be a mom when feeling so lousy! I pray that the ills let up soon. Vitamin C and B complex also help a bit...I pray your vacation is great fun and refreshment! The pics in the rain are fabulous! My kids love splashing, too. :-)