Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Oklahoma Update - Part 3

The end of the trip..thanks for hanging in there with me. We went to wonderful Faithpointe Baptist Church that morning. The church is so small that they currently hold Sunday School in their main sanctuary. They just gather the different classes in the four corners of the church - everyone huddled together with their group (except for children and nursery, who I believe each have their own classroom). The young adults group was very warm and welcoming - my sis and brother-in-law had told them we'd be visting and everyone went of their way to make us feel very welcome. The service was awesome! The worship was simple, but genuine, and in the middle of worship, the pastor had people stop what they were doing to go and not just introduce themselves to someone new, but to pray with that person as well. Really neat! The pastor, Brad has a really amazing heart for God , which is obvious from his solid and passionate teaching. After church, we had a very interesting, albeit short, visit with the pastor. We told him of some of our feelings about wanting to move, and about some of the ministries that were near to our heart. That's not the intriuging part though... more of that to come later...
We left from church back to my bro-in-law's family's house, where it is their tradition to gather for Sunday dinner. We had a simple lunch of Chinese take-out, and spent our last few hours in Norman gazing at the "dream house", taking quick naps, and packing up our suitcases.
The coolest part of the whole trip is when we sat down with my sis and her hubby a few minutes before we were to leave for the airport - together we prayed. Prayed for God's will to be revealed (for ALL of our lives), and for safety in our trip back. It was a very divine moment. :)
We piled in the car, and very soon, my hubby and I found ourselves through security with a good hour to kill before having to board our flight. After a fruitless search for a Starbucks inside the airport (and one really yucky cup of regular coffee later), we settled on combing through the airport gift shops for a few souvenirs to take home to family. We found some "Tornado Seeds" (chocolate covered sunflower seeds) for my mother-in-law and some other goodies for our family. Joining the long line to get on the overly full flight back to Phoenix, we were lucky to find two seats together in the very back of the plane. It was a very bumpy flight, and for some reason, it felt very looong. We arrived back in Phoenix around 7:15 p.m. , and headed down to baggage to find an overflow of people crammed into a very busy, bustling area. People pushed and shoved like a bunch of three year olds at an Easter egg hunt to get to their bags on the carousel. After some confusion, we found our bags and shoved our way out to the sidewalk where my Dad picked us up an drove us home. I wish I could say I was glad to be home.I was glad to be back to my babies (how I missed them!!). I was glad to be back to my bed ( I missed that too!). I was glad to be back with my friends (they make my life so full of joy!), but I had not missed Phoenix. Not at all.
Life resumed it's normal pace, and a few days later, a letter arrived from FaithPointe in the mail. My dear hubby and I both assumed it was a customary "Welcome" letter sent out to first-time visitors. Instead, we found a personal letter typed to us from the pastor of the church. He said he had been very "intigued" by our conversation after church, and wanted to talk to us further about this journey that were are on. What does that mean? I don't really know...
Here's what I do know. God is God. God is in control. I trust God with all of the details of my life, both large and small (some days better than others, I admit). I don't know what's next, and I don't know if it's Norman. I don't don't know that it's not Norman, either.
So stay tuned....maybe we're just getting started... :)

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Sara said...

Oh my goodness, your list of "Things that make me happy" could have been written by ME! I love every single one of those things, too! I "met" you through my sis, Andrea. I'm in Broken Arrow, OK - good luck with the big move! I'd love to meet you one day!