Friday, April 13, 2007

I Was Saving It For Later

Ok, so I really need to blog an Oklahoma update, but for now, I have to tell this brief, funny story on myself. I've been battling a cold since I got back from Oklahoma (I blame the crowded amount of Airborne could stop the germs from getting to me). Anyway, recently the cold has decided to take a nice little trip to visit my lungs, and this has left me hacking and coughing, especially at night. Sooo, on one of my recent trips to the grocery store, I bought myself a bag of Halls Honey-Lemon Vapor cough drops. A few nights ago I laid down to go sleep, and sure enough, the tickle started and the "coughies" began. The "coughies" are my new word for when you start coughing and can't stop...especially annoying when in a public and quiet place such as the library or a crowded elevator.....but I digress. Soo, I popped a cough drop in my mouth and propped myself up on a few pillows. The vapors from the cough drop quickly did their work, but I found myself getting very sleepy, and not wanting to fall asleep with the drop in my mouth, I took it out and stuck it on a tissue on my nightstand. Well, I thought I had put it on the nightstand...somehow, in the night, the cough drop ended up in my bed. I got up around 6:00 a.m. and headed to the potty. Suddenly, as I moved my head, I felt something heavy tugging on one side of my hair. Reaching my hand up, I found my cough drop, thorougly "stuck" and embedded in my hair. I had to take a shower to get the cough drop out (note: the vapors from the drop mixed nicely with the steam from the shower.. it was very soothing). I suppose I could have left the cough drop there..after all, if someone asked about it, I could just tell them, "Oh, that? I'm just saving it for later." Hee,hee!


Tracy said...

Girl you crack me up!! But I totally know what you are going through...I have been having "coughies" for a couple of days now. At least you didn't find your Dog chewing on one of your cough drops!!

Andrea said...

LOL!!! This totally sounds like something that would happen to you! :)