Friday, May 22, 2009

Stepping Out Of The Cave

NOTE: If you haven't read "Living In A Cave In Antartica" below, scroll down and start there first! :)

If we lived in a cave in Antartica, and God asked me to step out of that cave in faith, what would I say??

“God, I can’t – it’s COLD out there!”

“What if my jacket isn’t warm enough?”

Or would I run outside into the snow, eager to embrace the cold, frolic with the penguins, and leave footprints in the ice as I walk with the Lord?

I’d like to think I’d be the latter, but truthfully, most days I feel like a little of both.

Our house is most likely selling (nothing is for sure, especially in THIS market, until the dotted line has been signed), and we are looking at moving to Oklahoma this summer.

So what about jobs?

Good question.

A few months ago, I found out about an online job opportunity through some very dear friends of mine. With their help (and recommendations), I have found myself going thru not one, but TWO different interviews with this wonderful company.

I hesitate to say very much about this. Although both interviews have been absolutely wonderful experiences for me, I don’t know, and won’t know, for a little while longer if I will be offered a position at this company or not.

I will tell you this – I could work fully from home, and utilize many odd hours (such as early at morning or late at night) to get some of the work done. I can also do the work from anywhere – making it a great job to have in Oklahoma.

It would be, in short….a blessing. I feel as though the position I have been interviewed for is perfect for me – a perfect fit with my talents and personality.

I have prayed my way through every step of this, and have experienced such wonderful peace about God’s plan and provision. As a matter of fact, just last night, as I was doing some of my Bible reading, a verse in Proverbs caught my heart.

Proverbs 19:21 – “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” (ESV)

God’s purpose will stand – no matter what. That means that even if I face the disappointment of not being accepted for this job, that God knows.

I want to glorify Him. I truly do. I want Him to take my heart, my hands, and my life. I want to be a Godly wife, and a Godly mother.

God is also moving to possibly have our daughter K-Bug attend a very special Kindergarten called Veritas. It is a part-time private Christian school and part-time homeschool situation. Again, perfect for our family. A spot is held for her there, even though I do not currently know if that is where she will be this fall.

My dear hubby, for his part, is also walking by faith – and flying by faith – out to Oklahoma the first week of June. His father has decided to take some time off and go with him, a true father-son trip. No matter what happens, both men are excited to have this time together!

My hubby’s resume’ is prepared and he will be looking for both ministry positions and possible contracts for re-starting his own music business in Oklahoma (just like what he does here right now).

For now, we wait, we prepare to the best of our ability, and we pray and stay rooted in Scripture as much as we possibly can!

So, there you have it, as much as can possibly be told in a nutshell, what is going on for the Smith family.

The day-to-day dealings with all of these BIG decisions can make our days seem almost chaotic at times. We have tried to keep things even keel for the kids as much as for ourselves, but we believe that God has asked us to step forth out of the cave and see what He has for us.

With jackets on (and maybe a good set of snow skis) we grasp the hand of the Father, and say one word.



Sarah said...

So great to know what's up with you guys! I will be reading to see what God does with you guys! So exciting! (Oh, and I LOVE shaved legs and clean sheets, too-one of my favorite feelings!!!)

Dustin said...

I ran across your blog and wanted to share a few things with you . First I live in okc and if your husband is looking for ministry positions he will want to check out one of the largest church organizations in the city that is growing with several campuses. They r online at and they have a lot of open postions ...just click jobs at the top of the page If you moving to the okc area I also have a 4 bedroom home for sale with a gameroom and large yard. You can check it out online at . If the husband would like to look at it when he is down here email me at or call 405-923-6164. Good luck with your move Dustin Merryfield

Crock Pot Mom said...

Ooooh, the delightful blessings of our LORD's work in our lives!! I sensed this movement in your posts about your visit to OK ~ how cool HIS timing is always the perfect one!! :-) My sis and Brother-in-law are in the middle of a similar hands in the air, house sold, where are we going transition. I love how God is moving in our midst! May HE bless you all mightily in this journey!! Antarctica, here you come!! :-)

proudgrits11 said...

Wow, Stacy! What an amazing testimony of faith!! I, too, hope I'd be willing to step out into the cold--but it's easier said than done! Sounds like you guys are truly trying to follow the Lord and we know He rewards that. I look forward to hearing about the next part of your adventure! Your family will be in our prayers!!

Brandie said...

I know you are busy busy busy, but my heart is missing you. I keep checking for a peak inside your heart. Know I love you friend...B

Crock Pot Mom said...

Been thinking about you and your family and praying God has been faithfully filling you as He has led ~ Blessings!!