Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let's Go Fly A Kite (& Feed Fish)

The first weekend in April found our family looking at sunny skies, windy weather, and a brand-new kite. What to do??

How about a kite festival at the Japanese Friendship Garden?

Some of you know of my dear hubby's love of the Japanese culture. He recently acquired a membership to this small, Japanese garden, located in the downtown Phoenix area. It has become a special place for him to go and spend time with the Lord.

As a "member", he gets updates via e-mail about the various going-ons at the garden. That's how we found out about this small kite festival - celebrated in Japan as Children's Day. We loaded up the kiddos and enjoyed a wonderfully windy day together!

The girlies were immediately drawn to the large, blue tubs of koi fish that were being sold at the festival. Fish of all shapes, sizes, and colors swam in the long row of tubs.

The girlies (and J-Boy) also all had the chance to take to the stage to play a real Japanese taiko drum!! A troupe of young boys performed for everyone too.

Then it was kite time! For a few dollars, the girlies made a small kite (to go with the one that we had already brought with us). Then it was up, up, and away!!

After a little bit of kite-flying fun, we headed over to the garden to feed the large koi fish that live in the pond at the garden. The girls loved how close they could get to the fish and how BIG they opened up their mouths to devour the food!
J-Boy loved the fish too - except he was interested in trying to swim with them - hence the reason he is not in the pictures.

Here are some pictures of the garden - it is a lovely and peaceful place.
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Our family was truly blessed to spend this windy day out enjoying God's creation!


Lindsay said...

Yay! You are back at blogging! Just found this and soaked up each word! Great pics too! This adventure looks awesome! J-boy being one is adorable!!! And seeing the house sign made it real for me. :( Abandoning Phoenix. :( But not your friendships. ;)

Brandie said...

Who HOO! I love checking in and finding a post from you.

What a beautiful place to spend the day. I love all the collages...you make me smile.

Love you!