Monday, November 06, 2006

Cold Spaghetti, Cold Spaghetti

Wiggles, anyone? I have long been acquainted with these zany kid entertainers hailing form Austrailia, but have only recently become intimately familiar with a few of their tunes and DVDs. We only have two DVDs (both early releases and both for under $8), but K-Bug is a HUGE fan, and loves to sing and dance to them. Now, I've been struggling to find a way to work out that will work for me. Nothing super fancy at this point, I just need to get the discipline of actually doing a consistent workout. Jogging in the morning didn't work (no-one to go with, which for me means no accoutability). Sooo, starting last week, I started doing my own Wiggly Workout. I put on one of the Wiggles DVDs with the girls and kept myself moving throughout the entire DVD. Even when there were slow songs, I still pushed myself to do leg lifts, etc. After one week, I managed three successfuly workouts! Celebrate the small victories, I say...The best part is that I can do the workout with the girls, and have fun at the same time. BTW, the cold spaghetti reference in the title is from a song that the Wiggles do called "Hot Potato" The girls and I groove and move to it! :)
On the whiny side, I was so sore for most of last week that I couldn't move (if that gives even a small indication of how out of shape I am). My husband is now asking me to take the Power90 challenge with him (my sis-in-law started with this program and is now ripped like Xena, Warrior Princess). It's an intense work-out/eating program. Can I do it? Yes, I believe I can. I'll keep everyone "posted" as developments incur. Believe me, I'll probably need everyones support to push through the ninety days of the Power 90 program.

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theresa said...

Girl...everytime I read I can't believe what we have in common. I was doing Power 90 before I went in the hospital. I just starting running again yesterday.

If you need an accountability partner let me know - I'll tell you how I do it and it's all through email. I need to get started again too, Dr. says I could start back slowly as of last week.

And, let me know what you need? We have a small collection of the Wiggles! We are big fans here too!